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New Venture: Playable ads

Game Ad logo

In light of some recent developments in the world of web advertising, I have decided to also develop playable add banners, interactive banners, for marketing purposes.  Having read up on the potential of using more attractive ads, companies can really lively up their ROI relating to marketing ads.

My intent is to develop a list of stand sized web banners, for the purpose of regular advertising with web banners, but with a lot more flair and appeal.

This ads should not be all that costly. If a company already has graphic material they want to have implemented, ads could be created in a couple days and used online very fast.

These ads borrow themselves for all sorts of marketing approaches.
A game, performing actions or animations relating to the product(s) advertised.
This has the potential to bring forth a whole form of commitment from potential customers.

The world is your limit and your imagination is allowed to run wild.

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